I’ve been burned in the past. At my last church it was my risk taking that got me into hot water. So when I transitioned to my current church I made it a priority to clean up my edges a bit. In the effort to smooth out my rough edges (a good thing), I have inadvertently taken an edge off my risk taking tendencies.

This morning, I awoke to the persistent thought that I am ready to start taking bigger risks so that the Gospel can penetrate deeper into the lives of our middle school ministry. I’m established in my role and trusted among parents and staff. It’s time for me risk my squeaky clean image for the sake of Jesus and middle schooler. What does that look like? I honestly don’t know what that means for middle school ministry. I’m thinking it has less to do with amping up the gross factor. I’m also thinking it less to do with amping up the fun factor (which is already pretty high). John 1 says that Jesus came to shine light into the darkness. That’s risky business. Maybe that’s part of what I need to be doing. Maybe the next risk I take needs to be stepping into the darkness and seeing where Christ’s light can shine.