A while ago I was able to get a copy of Jesus Creed For Students by Scot McKnight (and Chris Folmsbee and Syler Thomas). I decided that I would read the book as my students would, a chapter at a time. Here are my thoughts about the book:

  1. The readability of this book is great for students. The examples and illustrations in the book are relevant to to students without resorting to slang and “hip” language.
  2. I found myself being centered each chapter as I began and ended my reading by reciting the Jesus Creed and Lord’s Prayer. I think my students will find the rhythm helpful in maintaining focus in their lives. They may even decide to transfer the practice into their daily lives.
  3. I really liked the chapter about forgiveness. Our students live in a world of ungrace, where they are unwilling to forgive others and live in fear of the unforgiveness of their peers. They need to learn that forgiveness doesn’t mean simply pretending that an offense hasn’t happened. Forgiveness acknowledges the weight of the sin and redeems the offense. Scot also talks about how forgiveness is not an option for followers of Christ. “Forgiven people become grace-filled, forgiving people.” I personally would have started with the forgiveness chapter and making the forgiveness we’ve been given as the source of giving up everything to follow Christ.
  4. This book also is practical. Each big challenge to live deeper and more sacrificially is paired with something tangible that a student could do that day or week. They are challenged to pray for specific things, invite a rejected person into their group of friends, and secretly do something for a charitable organization.

I liked the format of this book so much, I bought them for my entire 8th grade leadership team. I think this is a great resource to give any student who is ready to take a deeper look at following Christ.