Every so often someone speaks such a true piece of truth that it sticks with you. It doesn’t hurt when it’s short because I have a short attention span. Here are a few gems that have been given to me over the years:

“Perception Is Reality” – I honestly can’t remember who exactly told this to me (maybe an old executive pastor). This pops up in my brain when I am faced with someone who doesn’t agree with me. It makes me realize that no matter how right I think I am, the way other people view me is the reality they see. This nugget forces me to take a good hard look at myself to see where my faults or blind spot could be. Sometimes, I realize I am wrong, but not always. Either way, I end up reacting in a much more Christlike (read humble) way.

“Heaven without Jesus is Hell” – Dr. Berghuis said this in an Eschatology class at Dallas Seminary. It was the first time I had realized the truly Christ-centered nature of eternity, moving me beyond just an escape-from-punishment-and-enjoy-eternity view of heaven. I think of this whenever I am challenged to truly treasure Christ for who he is. It reminds me that Jesus is my joy and treasure in this life and the next.