When I started in student ministry I wasn’t ready for the week-in and week-out teaching that I would be doing. Because of our routines, we can sometimes teach 2-3 times a week. While it’s easy to wing it and just teach off the cuff, it doesn’t do justice to God’s Word and it lessens the impact for our students. Here are a few great online resources that I go to regularly that help me as I teach to students:

  • SonicLight.org is a website of my old DTS prof Dr. Constable. He has uploaded his complete commentary of the Bible in PDF form for free to download. I’ve gone back to these notes over and over and they always provide great insights. Plus, Dr. Constable is one of the most humble, Godly men I’ve ever had a chance to meet.
  • BibleGateway.com has the InterVarsity Press New Testament commentary online. It’s simple to use and often gives me some good clarity when I’m stuck on a passage.
  • Followtherabbi.com is a great resource to get me out of my 21st century American thinking. There are many great articles to help you read the Bible through the lens of a 1st century Jew.

Where do you go to help get you prepared to teach?