For the last three days I’ve been hanging with 10 other youth workers for the YMCP (Youth Ministry Coaching Program) to begin a year of training and coaching. We come from all over the country and all over the theological map. At the end of our first session together, I am grateful for the friendships I see developing among us. As I reflect on how God showed up, I came away with a few thoughts:

1. I love being a part of the tribe of youth workers! I love how much passion most youth pastors have for Jesus and for their students. I’m proud of the seriousness and humility the members of our cohort handle their calling.

2. Weakness is a powerful part of leadership. There were moments during our time together when members opened up about their hurts and weaknesses. This made me respect them more, not less. It made me want to listen to them more and appreciate the strength of their voice.

3. I need people to push me to try hard stuff. After over a decade in ministry it’s easy to feel like I know what I’m doing. Part of the YMCP involves setting goals and doing homework. Each of my homework assignments are designed to stretch and challenge me in my ministry skills. I hope that I will discover new gifts and passions through these assignments.