I haven’t had a ton of time to write this week, so here are a few things that are running through my brain.
1. A youth ministry classic is the wake up video – We shot one this morning with a twist. We asked our student questions and then went back and dubbed new questions to their answers. The finished video is a lot funnier than other one’s we’ve done.

2. I’m going on my first ministry ski trip next month. As a middle school pastor, I haven’t gotten to go on our high school ski trip before. This year I’m going as the speaker. It will be fun to spend time with former middle schoolers who are not in high school. Also, I haven’t attempted to snow board in almost 15 years, so I expect I’ll be laughed at a bunch.

3. This Sunday is parents’ Sunday. This is the first time we’ve formally invited all of our ministry parents to come to our gathering. I am hoping our parents value this and come in droves to worship with us.

4. I’m reading “King Jesus Gospel” by Scot McKnight. It’s a challenging, but enlightening look at our definition of the Gospel. Big Take Away: The Gospel is the telling the Story of Jesus as he fulfills, completes and resolves Israel’s story. Note: this is different than a “Plan of Salvation” view of the Gospel. I’ll devote an entire blog post on the book when I finish it.