Last week I went to Nashville for my third session with my YMCP Cohort. The theme of this session was leading from our values. Through the course of self evaluation and confirmation with people who know me, I developed five personal/vocational values. These are the guiding principles that will keep me connected with God’s calling in my personal life and ministry.

My first value is: The God Life Is the Best Life. The best way for me spend my life is in the pursuit and enjoyment of God’s presence. It’s easy for me to equate my vocational ministry with my relationship with God. This is performance Christianity. It’s a Christian life absent of power and vitality. So, I need the anchor of this value to to keep my relationship with God as the first priority. I am choosing to foster and cultivate a greater awareness of God in my life through His Word, listening to Him, and blocking out the destructive voices in my life. Unless I do this intentionally my marriage, friendships and ministry life will not be what it needs to be.

Practically, this means that I need to actually embody this value. There is a challenge for me to unplug from technology. I also need to say “no” to good things in order to say “yes” to the better things. By codifying this value, I am also inviting those around me to hold me accountable to it. So those who know me, I am asking you to walk with me to make sure I am treasuring the presence of God in my life.