Psalm 33:22 “Let your steadfast love, Oh Lord, be upon us. Even as we hope in you.”

There has been a lot of transition going on around me lately. A new office and new building. Our high school pastor transitioned out and a new one will be transitioning in. What I’m seeing in myself is that I’ve been trying to be the rudder that’s keeping our ministry afloat. It’s really easy for me, as I get older, to see myself as the rock that will hold things together and keep us on the right track. I am the veteran after all. I have the “expertise”.

Then I read passages just like the one above. Psalm 33 is all about celebrating God as the one whom to trust in. What got the Israelites in trouble were the priests and kings who thought they were more important than they really were. In truth, it was God who protected, sustained and made them powerful.

Fast forward to today. Here I am worrying about how I need to keep our ministry afloat. In reality, I am just getting in the way. I am not the rudder or the foundation. It is our Heavenly Father, with his steadfast love, that is the anchor that will keep our lives from being tossed back and forth. Sometimes, I need to be washed in the ongoing truth of God’s steadfast, loyal love to make sure I am trusting in Him for my life and ministry to turn out right.

So, what about you? Are you trying to keep things together by your own strength?