I’m usually not one to endorse things (especially since I don’t get asked very often). I don’t like promoting things that I’m not 100% sold on. Which is NOT true of the below list. These are people I know and trust. You should check out what they’ve got going on.

1. Green River Ordinance is a band of based out of Fort Worth that is starting a tour this week to promote their latest album. I know these guys and they are quality people. Some serve in our church. Check our their site, download their album “Under Fire” and go check out one of their shows if they swing by your neighborhood. GreenRiverOrdinance.com

2. Middle School Ministry Campference – Marko and Adam over at the Youth Cartel went live with their Middle School Ministry Campference this week (October 26-28). Part camp and part conference, I am excited about attending this year. I don’t know of any other event specifically geared for middle school ministry people. If you have a heart for middle schoolers, you need to attend this event.

3. Youth Ministry Coaching Program – Again, those Youth Cartel guys are putting out the next great wave of youth ministry resources. I’ve wanted to get closer to Marko’s beard for years now and the Coaching Program has provided me that opportunity. I’m halfway thought this program and I can say that no other resource has provided the depth and personal enrichment as the YMCP. My cohort has stretched, encouraged, blessed and challenged my life and ministry more an any conference or seminary class ever could.