I’ve been super busy getting ready for the summer so I haven’t had time to blog much over the past couple weeks. Summer is a great time in ministry and here’s what I’m excited about!

  1. Partnering – This summer I get to partner with 3 different other churches in our area for summer events (an outreach, camp and mission trip). I really believe that unity multiplies the power of our message. I am blessed to have other middle school ministries who see it them same way.
  2. Our new team – We have had a complete turnover in our staff team. That means I get to train and cast a vision for an eager group of young staff. I’m going to miss our old team, but I am excited for what God’s going to do through these young men and women.
  3. New Students – Being a 7th and 8th grade ministry, half our students turn over each year. I am excited about the new faces I get to meet this Sunday. I pray that God would allow us to help guide them into a deeper love for Christ. Honestly I’m a little nervous about learning a lot of new names.

Summer is really my favorite time of the year because of the energy and relationship building that happens. For our church, it’s a mad dash for two months and I’m usually exhausted by the end of the season, but it’s totally worth it!