Is the Gospel you tell your students the same one you believe in your heart? Do you believe it when you get up in front of students and tell them that Jesus’ love, displayed on the cross, means that God is fully satisfied with us? Or are you secretly living under the assumption that God’s view of you is based on your performance.

Life in ministry can tempt us to replace the Gospel of Grace with a gospel of personal achievement. Instead of finding our worth in Jesus, we begin to believe that bigger group size, a bigger budget, higher salary and more recognition were signs that God was proud of me. The problem is that it’s never enough. When we fail to receive the right amount of praise and promotion, we end up feeling bitter and disappointed with our Lord, ourselves, the church and other people. We’ve been given a royal feast of God’s grace and yet we crave the junk food of false worth.

I’ve spent too many years of my life trying to prove that God made a good choice when He called me to youth ministry. Each day, I need to remind myself that I am called to die myself so that I can live for the One who died for me. I need the real Gospel of Grace instead of the cheap gospel I tell myself every single day.