• This week has been pretty crazy. My mom went in for brain surgery on Tuesday, so much of the last few days have been spent at the hospital. Thankfully, she got through with flying colors and is at home on her way to a full recovery. I’m amazed at how the human brain can bounce back so quickly.
  • My wife and I are about to head out on a 10-year anniversary trip. I am really ready for a week away with just me and her.
  • Last night I said goodbye to a former student who is moving across the country to be a middle school pastor at a church in Tennessee. I am so proud of the man he has become and he is going to rock the ministry he’s about to leave.
  • I made a personal challenge to lose some weight this year and my chosen form of exercise has been swimming. Much to my surprise, I’m actually dropping some pounds, something I haven’t been able to do in a really long time.
  • Finally, I went to a middle school school pep rally this afternoon. The crowd was filled with fantastic diversity. I came away convinced more than ever that the heart of middle school ministry is being able to see each student as a beloved image-bearer of God and then making sure they know that in Jesus they will find their true worth.