“Learning is not done to you. Learning is something you choose to do.” – Seth Godin, Stop Stealing Dreams

I read that line this afternoon and it stopped me dead in my tracks. So much of my ministry mindset comes from the idea that I can create an environment where middle schoolers are discipled. I figure that if teens hear the Word from us enough, then we can make them disciples who follow Jesus.

It’s like forcing a drink of water on someone who isn’t thirsty. I don’t have to remind people to drink water. They seek it out when they are thirsty.

What if the discipleship process in the church was primarily about creating a place where the Spirit is free to create a thirst for following Jesus? If we become a collection of those who thirst after Jesus, our teens would naturally seek out people who can help them quench that thirst.

Obviously, this raises more questions than it answers. But I suspect that Seth is on to something when it comes to education and as a result Spiritual formation. There are some serious implications for Spiritual formation because much of our methods of Spiritual formation are based on the American school system.

Let me know your thoughts.

If you want to read Seth’s eBook. You can download it here.