Last night in our small group we were talking about spiritual growth. During the conversation we kind of came to a conclusion. We were wrestling with the discontent that we feel with the supposed insignificance of our own lives. We look at other people who seem to be growing a ton or making big impacts for the kingdom and then we see our own lives. In the midst of that comparison, we devalue God’s plan for our own life and imagine what could be.

I know I struggle with wanting to have that epic movie type major transformation where my life takes a dramatic turn toward something great. The reality is that our path to kingdom greatness (in God’s eyes, not our own) is paved with a million small choices to be faithful instead of dramatic life-altering decisions.

My choice to be faithful today with what God has in store means much more than the big choice down the road. Because if I’m not preparing my heart to be faithful today In the small things I stand little chance of trusting Jesus with the big things.

It could be a decision to take a spiritual shortcut or to decision to bless someone instead of cursing them. It could even be a small decision to put down that phone and be present with your children. God is calling us to be faithful right here, right now, in the small things.