Last Sunday we had our end of semester Christmas party. The funny thing is that during the weeks leading up to the event I was starting to get anxious. The previous two events we had this fall frankly were duds. We had little turn out and even the kids who showed up didn’t seem to be excited to be there.

The low turn out on these events attacked my ego and I allowed my fears to creep in. The longer I am in student ministry the more I feel the reality that I am not as young and cool as I once was. I know in my brain that I don’t need to “cool” to be effective in ministry, but when kids stop coming to events I listened to those fears. As I have reflected since Sunday a few thoughts have stuck with me:

  • Attendance is NOT what my value is based on. In ministry we will always be tempted to let our hearts rise and fall with how many kids show up. Jesus is here to tell us that the Gospel is based on grace, not performance.
  • Teens will show up when they feel cared for. The two “dud” events woke me from my complacency. I had been lulled into a believe that students will come simply because I made an announcement. I was challenged by a local young life leader to be more present in my students’ world. I really feel like the extra effort in this area made a difference in kids wanting to come.