Over the past week my wife and I have been reflecting on the crazy year that was 2012. In many ways it was a very hard year. It was our first full year without my father-in-law. Both of my parents were hospitalized (dad with an infection and mom with a brain surgery). But in the midst of those hard things I was amazed at how many transformative things happened to me in 2012.

1. I finished my year long coaching program with the Youth Cartel. In many ways, this was the impetus for many other milestones as this challenged me see how Christ might be in the process transforming my life. Many thanks to Marko and the rest of my cohort for walking with me in that journey.

2. I started my 5th year here at CCBC. Instead of being in a rut, I’ve been more excited about middle school ministry than ever. I love the people I work with and my church family has blessed us immensely.

3. My wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. How amazing is it that I get to be married to someone that I genuinely enjoy being with all the time. Getting to celebrate in one of my bucket list locations was the icing on the cake.

4. I went surfing for the first time in Hawaii. Even though I grew up in California, I never tried it before this year.

5. I picked up playing the banjo…and actually stuck with it. My wife is a saint for being patient with the many hours of terrible music I put out in our house during my practice time.

6. I lost 30 pounds. Through my coaching program I set out a goal of getting back to my high school weight. The Christmas party season didn’t make it easy, but I’m only a few short pounds away and I feel like I could easy keep on going.

All these goals and milestones aren’t the result of any self-discipline or personal motivation. What I’ve learned is that the life transformation that’s happened as a result of seeing that God is NOT done with me yet. He is shaping me every single day. The community of people family and friends) around me are the encouragement I need to keep going. They love me and challenge me to be who God is calling me to be.

After reflecting I know that the journey isn’t over. I have more that I want to see God do in my life. I know it won’t always be easy or fun, but if Christ is my goal it will always be worth it.