Last Wednesday was one of those days where ministry was hard. It was capped off when my car died in front of a school as I was about pick a student up. I have to admit, I was deflated.

I sometimes say that when m

inistry gets me down all I need is go spend time with students to recharge my batteries. For the most part that is true. I love being with teens and sharing Christ with them and being with teens usually reminds me why I answered God’s call in my life. My calling is a good reason to continue in ministry, but it isn’t THE reason. It should never by my ONE THING.

My ONE THING is the what gets me out of bed and keeps me going for at least one more day.

After an encouraging conversation with my youth pastor (yes I still talk to my youth pastor). He reminded me that even Jesus didn’t entrust himself to men. Instead it was a deep abiding love for the Father that fueled Jesus’ ministry. The same should be with us. Each day we need renew and refresh our love for and trust in Jesus.

Abiding in Him, Trusting, walking with Him. Whatever your vocabulary is the principle is the same. Nothing else will keep you in ministry for the long haul. If Jesus isn’t enough for you to last one more day in ministry, then no amount of success, security or praise will be enough for you. Only Jesus can hold the weight of your hopes, fears, and needs.

What’s your ONE THING? Ask your heart what is really driving your feet each day. If it isn’t a love for Christ, please do WHATEVER it takes to recapture it.