Gosh, it’s been too long since I’ve posted on here.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak at a father/son retreat at our church. There is a ton to unpack from the weekend, but I wanted to share just a quick thought.

As a childless youth pastor, I often struggle with my role of equipping parents. I feel unqualified to speak to them, but this past weekend I felt more encouraged in this area. Several dads let me know that my talks blessed and challenged them over the weekend. Through that I got to thinking about what makes me qualified to equip parents even though I’m not a parent myself.

  • I forget that both Jesus and Paul were childless and they had plenty of great things to say to parents. The same Spirit is living in me equipping me.
  • I may not be a father, but I am son and I can learn much about fatherhood simply by observing my own dad as well as the other men who seem to be doing things right (and wrong).
  • I know teenagers. My expertise in this area allows me to speak with some authority (as long as I am humble and listen well).

If you are struggling with being a childless youth pastor who speaks to parents, let me reassure you that you can have an impact. Remember to listen, listen and listen. Speak based on God’s truth and your experiences. Love families. If you do these things well, chances are you will have opportunities to grow in your influence with parents.