Last week was our annual Middle School Camp to Lone Tree Bible Ranch in Capitan, NM. It was a great week and here are some of my highlights:

Fun is Fun. One of the best parts about getting kids away for camp is that they are more likely to let go of their need to be cool. They act more goofy and silly when it’s in the context of a fun camp environment.

Lost and Found. On Wednesday there was a big mud pit game. Long story short. I jumped in and lost my ring. After searching for nearly 20 minutes with leaders we found it again. It was an impossible find and a picture of the Gospel. God searches after us, the valuable treasure.

Serving with students. We’ve been going to Lone Tree for a long time and a few years back they started offering service opportunities for our students. It’s turned into one of the most popular parts about the camp experience for our students. I love that our students see that serving is enjoyable and choose that over other adventure activities.

A broken DVD player. Our bus ride is nearly 10 hours and this year the DVD player didn’t work. Instead of being a negative, it turned into a positive. Our students had more interaction on the bus ride and allowed our leaders to connect with students on the bus.

If you are at a church that’s anywhere near the New Mexico area. Go check out Lone Tree for a great camp experience. They have great activities, teaching and are super affordable.