Tomorrow morning a dream of mine will become a reality. It was a dream that started way back when I was an intern. During those days our city had a thriving youth ministry network. It was a place where differences were honored and where people could be themselves. I looked up to the men and women who modeled humility and vulnerability. That space became the standard that I’ve looked for in networking with other youth workers ever since.

Well, as time went by and people transitioned out of their positions, the network slowly died. Tomorrow It will be resurrected. I’ve been longing to create a place where youth workers from my city would be able to encourage one another no matter what church they serve in. Where we as a tribe of youth workers valued each other no matter the size of the congregation.

I am thankful for the longevity that I’ve been able to have in my town that now I get to pick up from where the “legends” left off. Please pray for community to develop. Pray that we encourage one another instead of size each other up. Pray most of all that the Spirit of Jesus would be present in our midst.

Thanks to Jeff, Rodney, Tiffany, Scott, and Jeff for laying a foundation for me.