It seems like the month of August has become a milestone magnet for me and it always leaves me a bit reflective. These next few weeks I’ll celebrate a few August milestones that are leaving me full of praise for God’s faithfulness.

August 1998 – I left my home in California to blaze a trail in Texas. I was 18 years old and I headed off TCU. That was 18 years ago. I’m 36. The math means that I have officially lived in Texas longer than California. I never knew what my journey would be when I left the west coast. I certainly expected to return, but God had other plans. I came here not knowing a soul and God opened the doors for a ton of meaningful relationships. Added to this, I married a Texan (and my best friend) and got my start in ministry here.

August 2008 – I started on staff at CCBC. A very real part of my ministry journey was a rocky experience at another church that left me questioning my call to ministry and asking whether I was good enough. Before coming to CCBC I spent 8 months getting shot down time after time from different ministry positions. Against better judgment, CCBC leadership took a shot on me. They provided a place for my family to heal and give me the confidence to grow in ministry. I am so proud to serve at a church that gives a ton of grace while simultaneously challenges me to grow in leadership.

August 2015 – I started my journey into my role leading our student team. After another hard year (adjusting to the life with a newborn and taking care of extended family), I began to wonder what might be next for me. I certainly loved CCBC and our middle schoolers. I knew I wanted to stay in student ministry, but felt like God was challenging me to grow in my leadership capabilities. The opportunity to lead our student team is a dream come true. I get to watch a talented team of women and men chase after students. I also get to do it in a city that I love and know so well.

God’s faithfulness is so evident to me right now. I don’t deserve to be in ministry, especially for as long as I have been in it or at the church I’m at. But that’s the funny thing about grace, it’s undeserved and often much sweeter than we ever can possibly image.

If you’re in ministry wrestling with your calling or questioning God’s faithfulness, I hope my story encourages you to press on and depend on Jesus all the more. If you’re looking to check out and don’t have someone to encourage you, contact me. I’ve been where you are and I want to help you experience the joy of God’s faithfulness, too.